Estee Lauder Beautiful Review

5 Things You Should Know about Estee Lauder Beautiful:

Classic floral fragrance

Since 1985, Estee Lauder Beautiful has enthralled with its iconic floral scent. This scent celebrates femininity and elegance like a flowering garden. This fragrance is perfect for individuals who love floral smells due to its traditional floral accord.

Top notes of roses, mandarin, lilies, and tuberose create a beautiful and charming opening. These carefully chosen flower notes produce a harmonic and well-balanced scent that leaves a beautiful and refined trail on the skin.

Estee Lauder Beautiful is versatile and ideal for all ages because to its ageless beauty. The traditional flower arrangement is adaptable and timeless, perfect for day or evening wear.

Launched in 1985

Estee Lauder Beautiful debuted in 1985, during the ’80s’ flamboyant and glamorous period. Estee Lauder introduced a scent that would become a hallmark of beauty and refinement with this perfume.

Strong, unique fragrances dominated the mid-1980s fragrance world, but Estee Lauder Beautiful’s classic and ageless appeal was a breath of fresh air. The perfume stood out among the powerful and forceful aromas of its period and sparked a new appreciation for more subtle and elegant scents.

Estee Lauder Beautiful’s appeal transcends trends, as seen by its longevity. Its durability is due to its durable composition and emotional connection with wearers.

Created by Sophia Grojsman

The famous perfumer Sophia Grojsman created Estee Lauder Beautiful. Grojsman is renowned for her fragrance compositions, including Beautiful.

Sophia Grojsman’s talent is blending floral components to create elegant, sophisticated scents. She arranged a symphony of roses, mandarin, lilies, and tuberose in Beautiful to capture a blossoming garden in a bottle. This creates a scent with a nice name and composition.

Estee Lauder Beautiful shows Grojsman’s lasting effect on fragrance lovers’ olfactory experiences. Estee Lauder and Sophia Grojsman’s scent masterpiece Beautiful has changed the fragrance business.

Top notes: rose, mandarin, lily, tuberose

The fragrance’s top notes are a carefully crafted combination of floral and citrus ingredients, producing a fascinating and inviting opening. The perfume’s charming and timeless rose aroma evokes love and tenderness. Citrusy mandarin notes bring freshness and brightness to the flowers.

Lilies enhance the flower bouquet with their purity and grace. Tuberose’s rich, sweet scent gives the top notes depth and sensuality, producing a refined scent. Starting with a balanced combination of floral and citrus notes in the top notes, the scent gradually unfolds on the skin.

These top notes were chosen to produce a scent that evokes a lush landscape in blossom. Estee Lauder Beautiful’s floral and citrus notes provide a stunning and unforgettable debut.

Iconic gold and white bottle design

Beyond its scent, Estee Lauder Beautiful’s gold and white bottle is beautiful. The bottle embodies Estee Lauder’s richness and sophistication as a piece of art.

The gold and white color combination reflects the fragrance’s traditional beauty and timelessness. The bottle neck and Estee Lauder logo are gold, adding luxury to the visual experience. Elegant and feminine, the container reflects the fragrance inside.

The design represents the aroma and improves the senses. The traditional flower aroma and magnificent gold and white bottle design form a sumptuous package that pleases the senses and aesthetics.

5 Tips to Use Estee Lauder Beautiful:

Apply to pulse points for lasting fragrance

Floral and woody tones make Estee Lauder Beautiful a classic. Apply perfume on pulse points for a long-lasting aroma. Heat from the wrists, neck, and behind the ears diffuses and amplifies aroma. Targeting pulse spots lets the fragrance interact with your body’s inherent warmth, extending its lifespan and providing a constant scent. Dabbing or spraying perfume over these spots generates a delicate, enticing aroma that engulfs you in beauty.

Layer with scented body lotion for a subtle effect

Layer Estee Lauder Beautiful with its matching body lotion for a more subtle aroma. The lotion moisturizes the skin before the perfume, making it stick better. This blend prolongs perfume life and adds a delicate, complementing aroma throughout the day. Your skin’s natural perfume and the scented body lotion’s modest enhancement work together. Layering is ideal for people who like a softer, more personal, sophisticated scent.

Spritz on clothes for a longer-lasting scent

Spray Estee Lauder Beautiful on your clothing and pulse points to prolong its life. Fabrics hold fragrances longer than skin, creating a daylong aroma. To avoid discoloration, consider fabric type and color. By delicately spraying perfume on your clothes from afar, you create a fragrant atmosphere that follows you. This method is great for special events or when you want to leave a lasting impression since the perfume sticks to your clothes.

Adjust application intensity for day or night wear

Estee Lauder Beautiful is a day-and-night fragrance. Consider altering application strength by occasion to maximize its impact. Choose a lighter application for daytime wear to produce a fresh, energizing look. For nighttime use, a liberal application can increase the fragrance’s richness, providing a compelling and appealing night air presence. Estee Lauder Beautiful remains a flexible and classy trademark perfume for every event by adjusting application strength to the time of day.

Avoid rubbing wrists together to preserve the fragrance notes

Rubging wrists after applying perfume is a typical error. Contrary to common assumption, friction can change smell notes and reduce perfume effect. Keeping Estee Lauder Beautiful’s meticulously constructed notes intact is essential to enjoying the fragrance. Allow the perfume to air-dry on your skin to reveal the top, middle, and base notes without rubbing. This gives each note time to develop, providing a pleasant and well-balanced olfactory voyage all day. Avoiding friction preserves the scent, letting Estee Lauder Beautiful shine on your skin.

5 Occasions to Use Estee Lauder Beautiful:

Weddings and formal events

For a magical scent during weddings and formal parties, Estee Lauder Beautiful is perfect. The perfume’s flowery and woody elements combine effortlessly, emitting elegance and grace. The delicate scent is perfect for intimate parties and formal events. As you walk down the aisle or attend a black-tie function, the smell leaves a timeless beauty trail. Weddings are joyful, and the smell adds to your appeal.

Romantic date nights

Estee Lauder Beautiful is a charming companion for romantic situations. Its flowery and fruity notes conjure love and romance, making it ideal for a romantic night out. The scent improves romance at a nice restaurant or beneath the moonlight. This delicate sensuality connects you to your lover and leaves a lasting impact. Estee Lauder Beautiful is great for dating evenings since it brings romance to every moment.

Evening dinners and parties

Estee Lauder Beautiful is perfect for evening dinners and gatherings because to its refined floral and woody overtones. Your presence in a crowd is enhanced by the enticing and elegant smell. While socializing, the perfume creates a delicate, elegant trail that grabs attention without overpowering. Estee Lauder Beautiful elevates your look at a formal dinner or a spectacular party.

Special celebrations and anniversaries

Estee Lauder Beautiful scents special occasions and anniversaries perfectly. The traditional aroma represents eternal beauty and love, making it a great option for life milestones. These exceptional events become scented memories, adding to delight and contentment. Estee Lauder Beautiful is a timeless scent that symbolizes the value of relationships and life’s accomplishments.

Sophisticated work gatherings

Estee Lauder Beautiful is a subtle yet strong addition in professional situations. The fragrance conveys confidence and grace, making it appropriate for formal professional meetings. A harmonious blend of floral and woody elements makes the perfume memorable without being obtrusive. For business occasions and parties that need subtle elegance, Estee Lauder Beautiful elevates your professional appearance.

5 Countries Where It’s Popular: Estee Lauder Beautiful:

United States:

Estée Lauder Beautiful is a US icon. American consumers like the perfume’s varied and elegant aroma. The scent is a favorite for numerous situations because to its timeless elegance. Beautiful remains popular in the US, a broad and vibrant consumer market. Effective marketing and the brand’s longtime involvement in the American beauty sector boost its appeal.

United Kingdom:

Estée Lauder Beautiful is popular among UK fragrance lovers. Beautiful suits the British taste for classic, sophisticated perfumes. The scent is synonymous with grace and sophistication in the UK, making it a popular option for timeless beauty lovers. Estée Lauder’s prominent presence in British beauty and fashion helps it blend with the country’s culture.


Estée Lauder Beautiful is famous in the fragrance capital. France, known for its scent, appreciates Beautiful’s composition. French perfume lovers love it because it exudes refinement and femininity. Collaborations with famous perfumers and the brand’s dedication to quality and workmanship boost its appeal.


Estée Lauder Beautiful is popular in China as the beauty business grows. Its blend of classic and modern components makes the smell appealing. Beautiful’s partnership with Estée Lauder matches Chinese consumers’ standards of grandeur and luxury. Strategic marketing, including collaborations with renowned influencers, has helped the scent succeed in a growing beauty market.


Estée Lauder Beautiful has thrived in Japan, a country that values beauty and precision. The fragrance’s subtlety and complexity make it a favorite among sophisticated perfume lovers in Japan. Japanese customers appreciate Beautiful’s quality and inventiveness, and those who cherish traditional elegance with a modern twist have included it in their scent collections.

5 Best Alternative Perfumes to Estee Lauder Beautiful:

Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5 is a timeless scent that embodies sophistication and elegance. Coco Chanel’s 1921 perfume is beloved for its flowery and aldehydic overtones. Chanel No. 5, a premium fragrance alternative to Estee Lauder Beautiful, is refined.

Its bright top notes of neroli, ylang-ylang, and bergamot welcome you. A harmonizing mix of jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley adds flowery grandeur to the smell. Sandalwood and vanilla base notes leave a warm, sensuous base on the skin.

Day or night, Chanel No. 5 is a versatile scent. For a traditional and classy perfume, its longevity and timeless elegance make it a good choice.

Gucci Bloom

An exciting alternative to Estee Lauder Beautiful, Gucci Bloom is a trendy scent. The 2017 perfume is meant to smell like a lush garden in full bloom. Gucci Bloom is distinctive and uplifting because it promotes women’s authenticity, vibrancy, and variety.

Fresh white flower notes like jasmine and tuberose open the scent, creating a bright mood. A uncommon flower with a somewhat sweet perfume, Rangoon creeper, lends a unique touch to the fragrance. Sandalwood and musk base notes end velvety and seductive.

Gucci Bloom is a year-round fragrance. Its floral composition and modern sensibility make it a perfect choice for individuals who want new twists on classic flower smells.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium

As an exotic and daring alternative to Estee Lauder Beautiful, Yves Saint Laurent Opium smells oriental and spicy. Opium, launched in 1977, is a timeless classic with a deep, seductive oriental combination.

Mandarin, bergamot, and lily of the valley top notes create a vibrant, energizing scent. Carnation, jasmine, and myrrh provide depth and complexity to Opium’s core. Base notes of vanilla, patchouli, and opoponax give the scent a sensual trail.

Opium is an assertive and seductive scent. It’s a great choice for oriental smell lovers who want a bold perfume.

Dior J’adore

Luxury and femininity define Dior J’adore, a refined alternative to Estee Lauder Beautiful. This 1999 perfume celebrates flowery beauty and refinement. J’adore creates a magical symphony of floral tones to mimic a bouquet.

Ylang-ylang, melon, and pear top notes create a pleasant, welcoming scent. The perfume’s heart is filled with rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley notes, giving romance and elegance. Musk and vanilla base notes leave a smooth, seductive base on the skin.

J’adore is a versatile scent for daytime and evening pleasure. Its flowery composition and ageless appeal make it a lovely choice for floral scent lovers.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

The pleasant and uplifting Lancôme fragrance La Vie Est Belle is a great alternative to Estee Lauder Beautiful. This 2012 perfume celebrates life’s beauty and pleasure. La Vie Est Belle’s gourmand and floral aroma is pleasant.

Blackcurrant and pear top notes provide a delicious, juicy scent. Iris, jasmine, and orange blossom lend flowery and refined nuances to the scent. Praline, vanilla, and tonka bean base notes make the smell pleasant and warm.

La Vie Est Belle is a flexible, crowd-pleasing aroma for many events. Its pleasant and uplifting nature makes it a great choice for positive and joyful perfumes.

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